Seaside Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Atkins, S EPA
Clayton, J EPA
Colbert, S EPA
Eddy, S EPA
Fraser- Fillion, P EPA
Hart, J EPA & Excel
Johnston, J EPA
LeBlanc, P EPA
Miller, B Cafeteria Manager
Myers, D Custodian
Nelson, T EPA
Payne, T EPA
Smith, E Librarian
Spina, I EPA
Thistle, B Caretaker
Vicars, A EPA

Teaching Staff

Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Babin, N Grade 4 English - Wednesday
Barry, A Guidance Counselor
Bradley-Gillard, C French Immersion Resource
Brady, N Grade 4 English M.W.Th.& F.
Bunker, T Grade 4 French Immersion
d'Entremont, H Learning Center
Doucettte, M 10% Core French
Finlayson, G Core French Teacher Website
Funke, J Learning Center Teacher
Huestis, J Grade 5 English
MacDonald, T Grade 4/5 French Immersion
Mark, A Music Teacher
McCarrol, N Grade 5 English
McCully, R Grade 4 English
Mielnik, A 10% Physical Education
Paterson, G Grade 4/5 English
Poirier, A Grade 5 French Immersion
Sampson, A Physical Education Teacher
Sentner, D Learning Center
Sim, L Grade 4 English
Stewart, J Grade 5 English
Taylor, K Grade 4 English
Thompson, N Grade 5 English Website
Ward, R English Resource Teacher
Wilhelm, R. Violin Teacher
Wilson, C Grade 4 English


Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Hooke, Rick Acting Vice Principal 902-465-7600
Rutledge, Tyler Principal 902 465-7600
Sheppard, Wendy Secretary 902 465-7600