Seaside Elementary

Cafeteria Info 2022-2023

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Seaside.  We are happy to offer a full hot lunch program once again.  This letter will explain how our menu works.  The first menu will commence Sept 19th, 2022 – Sept 30th, 2022.

We are going electronic with our menu this year.  Please have patience with us.

When you receive the menu via email, please open or download the file. Mark beside each item that you would like for your child. Please DO NOT highlight items, when printed it does not show through. When finished, either save or take a photo of the menu and send to me at    PLEASE DO NOT HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON. It does not work.

On the form please mark a yes beside what you wish to order for each day, or any day for both weeks.  Please total the menu items ordered and record the total in the space provided at the bottom of the form for the entire two weeks.  Please email your child’s menu (please submit a menu for each child) to, please note that menus will be sent via email home every second Tuesday and are due back no later than the following Tuesday.  Example:  Tues. Sept 6th due back Tues. Sept 13th, every menu will be due on Tuesdays. The menu items ordered will be delivered for the two weeks that follow, Mon Sept 19th – Fri Sept 30th with a new menu form be emailed  home Tuesday, Sept 20th.  NO LATE MENUS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  (The only exception will be if the child is out sick the day the menu is due back.)

If sending in a post-dated cheque, please enclose the cheque in a sealed bag, with your child’s name and class on the baggy by Tuesday, dated no later than Friday of the week the menu is due, if cheques are post-dated further than that date, the cheque will be returned home.  Example:  cheque should be dated for Sept 23rd and if dated for Sept 26th   or later the cheque will be returned home.  NSF - Any person having one NSF cheque, will be required to pay by credit or debit, cheques will not be accepted any more for that person.

We now accept credit cards and debit. Please ensure that your child’s name and teacher’s name are on the menu. Any menus received without credit card, debit information and/or cheque will not be processed. If we receive a menu without the child’s name, we cannot track that child down until the day the child may not have a lunch.  Children tend to go without their lunch, instead of coming to the cafeteria to see if they actually do get a lunch.  (We keep the copy of the lunch menus sent from home in the cafeteria, so we can tell the child if they do/don’t get a lunch on that day.)

Credits will only be given for students who are out sick, if the parent/guardian calls and cancels lunch before 8:30am, (Please call this number 465-8663 directly). The parent is responsible for noting the credit due on the NEXT menu, with the date the child was sick, marked beside it. Due to the fact pizzas and garlic fingers are ordered ahead of time, we cannot issue credits for these items.  .

We have such a large quantity of food to prepare every day that it is impossible to handle any special request in the preparation of the food.  NO SPECIAL ORDERS

If you have any ideas for food choices for the menus – please call, and talk it over with me.  I am always looking for new ideas.

Menus will be posted on our school website as well as being emailed home.

A good idea to keep track of lunches ordered, mark on a calendar.

All menu items will be prepared at Seaside with the exception of Pizza and Garlic Fingers, which we buy from Passage Pizza.


*********If there is a storm day for bus students, the cafeteria will be open, but students may not receive regular food items. *********

I am looking forward to having a great year; please direct any questions or concerns you may have to
Bev Miller at the school 465-8663 or 465-7600. Email

Bev Miller